News from the Devon & Somerset Junior Lawyers' Division: March Update


National Conference


As the new committee members of the Devon & Somerset Junior Lawyers' Division are starting this year’s culminating activities for our Junior Lawyers' Division members, our National Committee representative has attended the National JLD Meeting held at The Law Society office in London on the 1st of February 2020.




A lot of issues were discussed and tackled and it is important to share the outcome of the discussions. To highlight these, the following are the main points of discussion:- 

  • There will be another consultation with the SRA regarding the SQE as it has been discussed that there are a large number of unresolved issues. The Legal Services Board has opened a call for evidence in relation to continuing competence. Everyone is encouraged to contact us and we would welcome any comments and inputs.
  • The Law Society has updated its Wellbeing Guidance in the workplace in October 2019 as well as a recently issued guide for firms to re-label work social events to divert the initial perception away from alcohol. This is to promote and encourage individuals to attend events with less pressure to consume alcohol in order to “fit in”. The DSJLD have been in full support of this and our events are being tailored to match this initiative.
  • In addition, The Law Society is currently developing a new Learning Management System and in the next coming months, The Law Society will launch a beta program for this which will give selected firms a free testing with this program. This will initially be provided free of charge with precedents etc available to firms.




The JLD event season 2020 kicked off in fine style with a groovy disco at I-Bounce in Exeter. With dimmed lights and funky disco beats, the JLD contingent were relishing the opportunity to hone their dancing skills ahead of this year’s highly anticipated JLD Summer Ball!


It is fair to say some members took to the bouncing better than others with a talented few demonstrating their acrobatic prowess with a series of daredevil flips.


jld-ibounce-photo-2-admire-the-socks jld-ibounce-photo-1

 Photos of safety Briefing and Trampoline Park at IBounce Exeter


This is our first event of February and a keen show that we are continuing to put in place the JLD initiative to centre events around items other than alcohol.


After the session the weary bouncers took the opportunity to replenish their energy stores in the numerous restaurants in Marsh Barton before hopping home ready for the weekend.


Our annual mixed gin tasting social with DASLS was held on 5 March 2020 at Oddfellows.


Coming up


On 19 March we will be holding our annual NQ Seminar at the Foot Anstey offices in Exeter.


A pre-Easter Chocolate event is shortly to be announced as well as many other exciting events throughout the year.


The JLD annual conference and ball will be held on 16 May 2020, please view the JLD website for further information.


The Devon and Somerset Law Society Summer Ball save the date is out for 5 June 2020 and this year we are proud to announce that Hotel Du Vin will be hosting.


Cess Parrenas (National Rep)

Josh O’Neill (Sports Rep)

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