Thank you from Step One: DASLS President's Charity 2019-2020

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As we come to the end of being the Devon and Somerset Law Society’s Charity of the Year 2019/20 we reflect on some of the achievements made throughout the year:


Thriving Workplace Project


In 2019 we launched our Thriving Workplace project which focuses on training workplaces in awareness and first aid for mental health. After a successful ‘soft launch’ at the SW Business EXPO, we have been working closely with local organisations to train staff members in spotting the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and starting meaningful conversations. The feedback we have received has been fantastic and we hope that this training not only helps organisations, but the wider communities in which we live.


As part of the project, we have also developed a course which we have delivered in custody at HMP Dartmoor, providing a forum for custodians to discuss strategies to manage wellbeing whilst in prison. Again we have had a brilliant response to the training delivered and are looking to roll out mental health first aid courses across the prison to promote conversations and support whilst in custody and for rehabilitation.


The impact this training has had so far has been excellent, helping individuals and organisations recognise the importance of good wellbeing and supporting colleagues and communities with mental health. With the stretch on services for mental health this is a fundamental project to support each other to good mental health and wellbeing.


Torbay Peer Support Project


The aim of this project is to support people over 50 years of age who are struggling with their mental health to engage with their community. We provide engagement visits to help people feel more relaxed when they first meet us and then encourage them to join one of our courses or groups.


Within the year the project has grown through our group of supportive volunteers, there are now 10 volunteers and they have all been people that we had originally supported through the project. Our volunteers are highly trained and have attended various courses to give them the tools to be able to support others. This has led to a huge self-esteem and self-worth boost within them.


We have facilitated various courses within the year including, Braving Bereavement, H.O.P.E (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively), Anxiety Management, Wellness Plans, Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mindfulness and Support for Carers.


Our weekly pop-in-cafe for people struggling with their mental health is a space that gives people instant support when they feel that there is nowhere else to turn.


In addition to these two projects, during 2019 we provided support to over 650 people through our various services including:


Crisis House – a 24 hour service in South Devon to support people who are reaching a crisis point with their mental health


Cypress Hospital – a short stay, open unit for people who are in or recovering from a mental health crisis


Community Support Services – we provide one-to-one support for people in Devon who have autism spectrum conditions, learning difficulties, mental health concerns or a dual diagnosis to live more independently and achieve their goals


Supported Living – we provide supported living services in South Devon for people with mental health issues to live more independently.


We would like to thank you for choosing us to be your nominated Charity of the Year.  To find out more and to keep updated on our events and activities please visit our website

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