Six out of 10 people admit to never checking their home’s flood risk by Landmark Information

Tony Rollason, Regional Manager, Landmark Information


People in Great Britain are still not checking the flood risk of their homes, in spite of increased incidents of flood events across the country.


62% of respondents to a YouGov survey, which was commissioned by property data company Landmark Information Group, stated that they have never checked the flood risk level of their home.


The survey found that people in Scotland are the least likely to have carried out any checks with 77% confirming they had never researched their flood risk.  This was followed by those in London (71%), 65% of those in the North West of England and 63% in Yorkshire and Humber.  In the South West, 57% of people said they had never checked their flood risk.


The survey also found that just 5% of people in the South West have a flood plan and would know how to put it into action if a flood was to occur. More than a third (38%) admitted that they do not have a flood plan and wouldn’t know what to do if they were to experience a flood, while almost half (49%) said they didn’t have a flood plan, yet felt they would know what to do in the event of a flood.


The survey identifies that the public is not necessarily making flood checks part of the research they conduct when moving into a new home; just over a quarter (26%) of respondents from the South West said they checked the flood risk of their home before moving in, with 14% saying they checked afterwards.   


People in the East of England are some of the most diligent with 28% suggesting they looked into the risk ahead of moving and a further 17% did so after they had moved into their home. This compares to just 14% of those living in London who said they checked ahead of moving into their home.


The results of the survey show a worrying disconnect. The majority of people across the country – 88% – believe their property is not located in an area considered ‘at risk’ of flooding, yet 62% have never checked whether this is the case or not.


According to the Environment Agency, over five million properties are considered to be at risk of flooding – of which 2.4 million properties are at risk from the sea or rivers, and a larger share of 2.8 million properties are at risk of surface water flooding, which isn’t always visibly apparent.


With future projections suggesting that we will witness drier summers and wetter winters, we are urging people to be more aware of any environmental risk that may affect where they live or work, particularly when buying a new property as part of the conveyancing process.


In doing so, we can all be better prepared, understand where responsibility lies from a protection point of view, and also make sure we know what resilience and recovery steps can be taken should a flood event happen.



Landmark Information Group provides data, insights and reports to the property industry, including legal conveyancers, estate agents, surveyors, architects and developers on a range of property, land and environmental risks.


For more information visit or telephone 0844 844 9966.

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