Overseas with DASLS International Relations Sub-Committee

DASLS is twinned with a number of local law societies across Europe, and the group fosters and maintains DASLS’ relationships with its Twin Bars.


The Sub-Committee represents DASLS abroad by attending international conferences, but also serves as the first point of contact for any enquiries from international lawyers looking for local legal advice. On occasion, they host foreign lawyers who attend the Exeter Legal Sunday Service and provide funding to send representatives abroad.


Lucy Ferrat, Solicitor with Stephens Scown, attended the Twin Bars annual meetings hosted by Leuven in 2018 and by Rennes in 2019. These conferences are topical and aim to compare legal systems in order to learn from other jurisdictions. For the last two years, the conferences have focused on questions relating to professional regulation. Lucy explains the benefits derived from her involvement with DASLS International Relations Sub-Committee.


“Building our worldwide network


Attending these conferences is an important part of my professional development – the skills acquired are good for business and good for international relations.


Last year, I met fellow IP practitioners from Italy. They explained that they have seen increased demand for advice about accessing the UK market post-Brexit, and were happy to meet someone who they could refer work to if/when the need arises. In turn, I have had the opportunity to refer work abroad with confidence in the person receiving our instructions. This is an essential part of our international practice.


I have found that there is immense value in developing friendships, as well as professional relationships, with the foreign lawyers we meet as part of our work. Repeat attendance has meant I have been able to consolidate relationships forged with other junior lawyers from across the EU – our interests and concerns are markedly similar. We stay in touch throughout the year and it is enriching to hear their (often different) perspective on law, qualification, professional ethics and current affairs. 


“Beyond the office


From a personal development perspective, participating in the Sub-Committee has allowed me to travel, meet lawyers in different jurisdictions and engage in comparative law debates (which I enjoy!).


I am currently invited to attend the Sub Committee’s meetings as an observer, and have volunteered to assist with the preparation of the June 2020Twin Bars meeting which will be hosted by DASLS to coincide with next year’s Legal Sunday Service.“


Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 June 2020

DASLS will be hosting the meeting of the Twin/International Bars from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 June which is the date of the annual Legal Service to be held at Exeter Cathedral. 


Events are being planned to which all DASLS members are welcome to take part. Watch this space!


If you would like to receive regular updates from the June 2020 Working Group, contact Monique at DASLS office on 01392 366333 or monique@dasls.com


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