In 2018, the trustees revisited the criteria of the award to keep pace with the ever changing process of how candidates qualify to be solicitors. Traditionally and in the case of larger firms, individuals still qualify through university degree and training contract as well as the LPC and PSC from the SRA. It is increasingly common with smaller firms and Local Authorities that people qualify as solicitors through a more vocational route. For example qualification through conversion from CILEX meaning that while individuals have no law degree and did not undertake a training contract in the traditional sense, they have nonetheless undertaken an academic training and received very considerable practical experience in the law such as to satisfy the exacting standards of the SRA in qualifying as a solicitor. In addition, in future years there will be solicitors who qualify through the apprenticeship route. Often such potential candidates will have achieved solicitor status while combining study with work and families and deserve recognition.


Given the original charitable purposes of these trusts, the Trustees want to ake sure they do not overlook such candidates, some of whom may come from backgrounds where they might have needed to work from school rather than pursue academia.


Candidates for this year’s Prize must have been admitted to the Roll during the 12 month period ending on 31 May 2019 and nominated no later than 30th June 2019.


The definition of Somerset for the purposes of the prize, includes Sherborne and the local government administrative areas of Bath and NE Somerset,   North Somerset and, of course, Somerset.


Personal Information


Please give full details of the person whom you are nominating and confirm that they are content for their details to be publicised by DASLS including photographs, should they be successful.


Please submit your name and work contact details, title and why you are nominating this person.

The Trustees are looking both for academic achievement / distinctions along with other examples of “merit”. This may include  (by way of illustration only)  initiative in the workplace or community/charity based projects and engagement that, for example, raises the positive profile of the profession, supports other young lawyers or the wider community.


Please give specific examples of how the nominee has exceeded the normal expectations of a person who is building their career. In short, the successful candidate will have shown real “merit” and not only achieved what is expected.


It would be helpful to the Trustees, when considering the nomination, to have as much information about the nominee’s achievements as appropriate.




The Trustees wish to encourage eligible nominees to have their names put forward as the award is prestigious and well recognised as an achievement.


Please send nominations in writing to DASLS Administrator, Monique Bertoni, by 28 June 2019 for consideration by the Trustees.


The prize/s will be awarded at the DASLS Somerset Dinner in November this year.

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