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LawCare - Happy Holidays

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A 2015 survey by insurance company LV= found that Britons consider holidays to be one of their top spending priorities, second only to smartphones, yet a survey by The Lawyer revealed that only 58% of lawyers take their full annual holiday entitlement. Penny de Valk of global HR services group, Penna, says "Evidence shows you become less productive without proper breaks. People … can't maintain the same intensity level." Lawyers are often driven and dedicated to the extent that they struggle with being away from the office. No one likes a martyr – give yourself permission to use your entitlementand to dream about sunny shores, culture, exploration, or whatever you’ll most look forward to.

If you find you’re reluctant or anxious about taking a holiday, a little preparation can help. Discuss your workload and obligations with colleagues; find out who will be covering your work and how they plan to do so. You may like to inform clients that you will be away and let them know who they should ask for in your absence. (To avoid overloading colleagues, it’s best to pass your work over to several people.)


Plan and book your holiday as far in advance as possible. If you have children you might want to take your holiday during the school breaks and find yourself competing with every other parent on your team for those precious few weeks.


Use the last day or two before your holiday to clear the decks and put ongoing work into a holding pattern. Let your firm know whether you can be contacted, and under what circumstances. You might want to put a return date on your answerphone and out-of-office which is actually a day to two after you get back to give you time to catch up and ensure you’re not inundated with phone calls on your first day back.



Once on holiday, don’t fill every moment. Make sure that for every day you are visiting the sights or enjoying the theme parks you have a day just relaxing round the pool or strolling round the shops. If you insist on trying to pack too much into your week away you will return to work needing another holiday to get over the first one.

A survey by Glassdoor's found that 44% of employees reported doing some work while on holiday. If you’ve told your firm that you’ll check your work emails only every other day, try to stick to that resolve. Trust your colleagues to handle things in your absence.



The return to work is often the most difficult part of a holiday. Calls to LawCare’s free and confidential helpline tend to peak in January and September when lawyers return to the cold reality of the office. This is a good time to review your working practices, and analyse how your colleagues handled things without you. If they managed poorly, then review what can be done differently. Try to focus on what you love about your job, and congratulate yourself for what you achieve during those first few days back, and how quickly you’re back up to speed and settled in.


Then, book your next holiday. Even if it’s only a long weekend it could pay dividends in revitalising you and your family.


LawCare: 0800 279 6888


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